Acupuncture for Structural and Movement Energetics

Pain and sickness is deeply intertwined with structural and movement dysfunction.  Because it is a complex, subjective phenomenon, defining pain can be a challenge. It is and unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that is often associated with actual or potential tissue damage. My methods for treating all musculoskeletal pain and internal disease is to look at the structural deficiencies and movement patterns that lead us to develop stress in our bodies. Your knee hurts? Sometimes it’s because of how you engage your low back and hips. Your digestion is poor? I will always look at the structural shape of your mid back and ribcage.

I employ an assessment modality I call Structural and Movement Energetics (SAME) to diagnose the underlying structural dysfunctional cause of acute or chronic illness, and to properly address the factors that cause both internal and musculo-skeletal disease. I often employ Tung Acupuncture to deliver quicker and lasting pain relief. This often has me choosing points opposite of the affected area – patients often ask “why are you needling my foot when it’s my wrist that hurts?” I then will use Tui Na (medical massage) and Sotai (muscular or movement therapy) techniques to help release the structural block in the local region.

I work with you so that together, we can get to the root of the pain and get you feeling like yourself again.