My full name says a lot about who I am.  My first name is Nan, taken from my Korean name Gu-Nan. My middle name is Arita, which comes from a town in Japan that is known for its porcelain craft. And my last name is Schwarz, bestowed upon me by my German-American parents. I am an example of many worlds combined, and my practice reflects this as well, as I have utilized my education in many acupuncture modalities to create a unified methodology of diagnosis and treatment, always taking into account the individual needs of the patient I am working with.

I first came to East Asian Medicine after experiencing a severe car accident, where my pelvis, hip and femur were shattered. Acupuncture and herbal medicine were effective in dealing with not only the pain, but also the recovery itself. This included the health of my body as well recovering from the mental trauma of the experience. The compassion shown to me by my holistic practitioners was incredible, and eventually I moved away from a career in creative design and corporate marketing to pursue this amazing healing practice.

My Masters and Doctorate study was at Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine (SIEAM, formerly known as SIOM), where I was clinically trained in acupuncture and herbal modalities from mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and even France.

My current practice involves an emphasis on structural examination for all aspects of disease – both musculoskeletal and internal disease manifestations, as I believe these to be inherently interconnected. Diagnosis is made using Structural and Movemement Assessments, with treatment strategies that stem from the classical Zang Fu Bie Tong channel theory and the more modern Tung Acupuncture acupuncture theory. I also employ Manaka and Shonishin pediatric acupuncture when appropriate.

Palpation methods also play a very important part of my diagnostic method, as listening to what your body tells me via touch or thermal palpation is just as important as listening to your words. Tui Na massage therapy is another integral part of my practice to further structural corrections of the body.