The human body was not designed to be catapulted forward at intense speeds and then abruptly stopped.  The forced trauma (whiplash) this delivers to the spine, joints, and tissues of the body can be surprising to many, even in a low-speed collision.

The first thing I like to do immediately following an auto accident, is a Japanese Manaka treatment. This is a gentle and subtle yet very deep acupuncture treatment, to begin the unravelling of the intense trauma to the body and the mind. It is my first step to taking the shock out of the body, so you can begin the path to healing.

Using acupuncture to help restore your body’s correct alignment is only part of the picture. It can also help with the mental fog that many report to dealing with in the aftermath of a crash, as well as mood changes. Dealing with vivid and disturbing memories or nightmares of the event can impact your ability to return to normality. This is why I feel it is so important to address these symptoms equally to the structural damages from a motor vehicle accident.