Nanarita Acupuncture

and Traditional Medicine

Combining Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, Diet and Movement therapy – all aimed towards restoring your physical, energetic and emotional health

The East Asian / Chinese Medicine approach is unique, in that it not only addresses your specific complaint but also works to resolve the underlying problem that is the cause. Nanarita Acupuncture is a practice that includes a whole body (holistic) approach based on over 2000 years of accrued medical knowledge, combined with the modern knowledge of structure, movement, and internal medicine.

There is no singular path to a healthy life, which is why I apply Structural and Movement Assessments to my practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tui na manipulation. Visit me at Nanarita Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and explore what this East Asian Medicine approach can do for you.

Due to schedule volume, I am not accepting new patients at this time.  ~ Dr. Nan Arita Schwarz, DAHM, EAMP